The Hunt for the Master

A Minor Delay

Baron Jorland meets with the party, giving them supplies and a couple of magical items that might help them.  Official introductions are made all around, and the party prepares to head out.  Baron Jorland is asked if there are any other magical items they might be able to acquire, and he points them in the direction of Old Man Higgins, who lives on a farm east of town.  So the party takes a detour and pays him a visit.  Old Man Higgins has a Bag of Holding, but he also has a problem he'd like us to handle for him.  Old Man Higgins is one of the main suppliers of beef to the town, but it seems that  a hippogriff has been attacking his cattle.  He says that if they can solve his hippogriff problem, he'll gladly give them the Bag of Holding.  He sends them out into his easternmost pasture, where most of the attacks have happened.

The party finds signs of attack everywhere, blood splatters and such.  On the other side of the barbed wire fence marking the edge of his property is a small thicket.  A creek burbles on between it and the fence.  As the party approaches, a group of rats emerge from the creekbed and attack them.  The party kills all the rats and look up to discover that the hippogriff has come out to investigate all the noise.  Iliyana gives a dead rat to the hippogriff and begins to build a rapport with the creature.  Things seem to be going well until Corrin takes it upon himself to sneak into the thicket to see what it holds.  It happens to hold a nest with eggs in it!  



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