The Hunt for the Master

The Game is Afoot

After discussing the events with Baron Jarland and getting up to speed, the party is hired to follow the Master and ascertain his intentions.  They are warned that if people go too far into the forest they do not return.  In fact, a woodsman named Bobert Eolun is overdue to return home, having been missing for two days now.  So the party pays a visit to Bobert's wife, to get a feel for the man, and they head off into the uninviting wood.

They follow the main forest road, which includes the path that the Master laid until they came across the remnants of a scuffle buried under the charred debris from the Master's passage.  Clearly something happened a day or so before the Master passed through.  After some investigation, it is clear that our woodsman was on the losing end of this battle, and that the victors were Goblins.  The woodsman was dragged deeper into the forest, so the party follows the trail.  They come to a cave, with a road leading north away from it.  Chittering voices are coming from up the road, so the party dips into the cave.  Seems that they've stumbled across some sort of Goblin hideout.  They cut their way deep into the bowels of the cave, creatively abusing Goblin bodies to disable traps along the way.  After looting some rubies from a fallen statue and disabling a bolt thrower, the party finds themselves in the throne room of the cave, staring down the leader of this particular band of Goblins.  Thanks to (Mason)'s diplomacy and Ilivarra's "roach" in the hole, bloodshed was avoided.  The Gobln Underboss, named Gorlak, tells the party that they have been capturing intruders into the Goblin realm.  They do not want war with New Kartan, though they will attack if they keep getting provoked.  They have their own problems to deal with.  The Goblin King's brother has killed the King and usurped the throne.  Gorlak sends the party out to find the Usurper and kill him, bringing the head back with them.  He also tasks the party with sending the leader of New Kartan to him to broker a peace.  Gorlak releases the barely alive Bobert into the party's custody and sends them on their way.  

Just outside the treeline, within sight of the village the party is attacked by wolves.  They swiftly defeat them.  Those wolves had it coming.  After returning Bobert to his wife, they commune with Baron Jarland.  He agrees to visit the Goblin cave, and advises the party that they will be well outfitted for their expedition into the Goblin lands.



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