The Hunt for the Master

Right into the Thick of It

Our intrepid heroes, facing down four cave entrances, cautiously make their way into the first.  After a long sloping hallway, they find themselves in an enormous chamber.  A giant globe rests in the middle of the room, and four hallways branched off.  Around the globe were 4 circular spots on the ground.  The party attempted to unlock the secret of those spots, to no avail.  SO they headed down one of the hallways.

The hallway went straight, but every so often burrow holes appeared.  Large burrow holes.  Ants.  Our heroes made their way into a large chamber, where they were beset upon by a half dozen ants, including the queen.  They fought valiantly, and soon emerged victorious.  They found a crank and turned it.  Upon returning to the main chamber, they discovered that the circular spots were actually pillars, and the crank had lifted one out to rest against the globe.



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