Gramulon Blakwulf

A human monk on a quest for vengeance


31 HP

17 AC
17 REF

11 STR
14 CON
20 DEX
10 WIS
10 CHA


Long before he found the Path of Light, Gramulon Blakwulf was a mercenary, a soldier for hire and a killer of men. After many a bloodsoaked campaign, Gramulon grew weary of battle, so he left behind his instruments of death and destruction to seek a new path. He vowed to give up killing and walk the path of peace and enlightenment. After wandering for years as a vagabond, doing good wherever he could, Gramulon came across an ancient monastery on a promontory overlooking lake Kartan. The monks accepted Gramulon as one of their own and with time, became the family the troubled warrior never had, but fate had a different plan for the weary man slayer.

Gramulon was far away on a mission of mercy when the Varangians struck. The hungry empire had an endless appetite and Kartan was set to be its latest meal. When the army came, the monks refused to allow Varangian soldiers to desecrate their venerated lands and were put to the sword. Thus, Gramulon returned to find his surrogate family impaled on pikes along the road to Kartan, a warning to any others who would stand against the empire.

Seeing the horror of war again awakened something inside Gramulon, something he had hoped to keep locked away. Donning black robes of mourning, the lone monk set out on yet another new path, the path of VENGEANCE. Vowing to destroy the Varangian empire at all costs, Gramulon would not rest until the emperor was dead by his hand.

Gramulon Blakwulf

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